Delivery time

The material will be delivered to the delivery address entered in the order in about 4-5 working days from receipt of payment by courier.
The deadline for the delivery of the ordered goods is 30 calendar days

Special packaging

The shipped items are held together by a reinforced tape.

Terms of delivery by the courier

Ziarelli Mario Reconstruction Tires undertakes to deliver the goods in accordance with the order placed by the Purchaser. If the goods received do not match what was ordered, please contact Customer Service via the Contact form.
In case of receipt of the wrong quantity of goods the Purchaser is obliged to contact the customer service.
In any case, please check the correspondence of the order with the tires and rims delivered.
In the event that the goods delivered are defective and / or damaged, please ask the courier to draw up a special report with protocol and to issue the copy of the responsibility (it is important that it corresponds to the day of delivery), immediately informing our Service Customers through the contact form, for the timely resolution of the problem that has occurred.
The tires can be delivered in several parcels.

ATTENTION: The receipt of the package without objections by the Purchaser entails the forfeiture of all the claims claimed by the same by way of defect or mechanical damage of the goods. In fact, if the Purchaser does not draw up a special protocol registered with the courier at the time of delivery, the complaints can not be considered.

In case of difficulty in checking the goods at the time of delivery or in case of refusal to draw up the protocol of delivery registered by the courier, please note the personal details of the courier itself - that is, his name, surname and telephone number - and immediately provide them to our Customer Service advisor - Contact form for necessary feedback.

Delivery to the assembly stations

The assembly stations included on the Site do not constitute properties of Ziarelli Mario Reconstruction of Tires. These are stations recommended by Ziarelli Mario Ricostruzione Gomme.
We make it possible for the offer and price list of our assembly stations to be complete and regularly updated. If it happens that the service chosen by the Buyer will not be available or for some reason does not meet your needs, we ask you to contact us by phone or via contact form.
We also inform you that after placing the order with the shipping address at the assembly station, the Purchaser will receive the confirmation email with the data to contact the assembly station.